Our model

Books can make a difference

It started with a silly idea to sell donated books to build a school in Nepal. A year later and thanks to hundreds of generous readers in Singapore, we’ve now collected thousands of books (we’re still collecting!)

These books go up for sale in events and online platforms to promote reading, open new conversations and raise funds to cover part of our operating costs. 

Operating costs

Running a registered non-profit in Singapore means we are bound to stricter regulations and compliances. Getting to remote villages are often expensive too. As much as we try to minimize any unnecessary expenses, some of our fixed operating expenses include fundraising expenses, founders overheads, travel, professional and service fees, financial audits, software, and marketing. 

100% model

From day one, we’ve pledged to put 100% (after bank processing fees) of online donations directly to the field to fund projects. We lean on donated book sales and generous private donors to cover all our operating costs which are from a separate bank account. 

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