What is Books Beyond Borders

Books Beyond Borders is a nonprofit that focus in lifting communities out of poverty through access to formal and non-formal education opportunities. We work with field partners to fund low-cost, high-impact programs that targets early literacy in schools and vocational skills for out-of-school youths. We are a company limited by guarantee, registered in Singapore under the name of Books Beyond Borders Limited.

How does BBB fund its day to day operations?

Apart from credit card and bank processing fees, 100% of every donations made through our crowdfunding campaigns goes to the field. Our operating expenses are covered separately by private donors, sale of merchandise and brand partnerships.  

Can I see your financials?

Of course! We’re an open book. All our financials are publicly available on our Transparency Dashboard. All our monthly accounts are update accurately on Quickbooks, by a certified paid accountant and audited every year end.

Do you have a volunteer program?

Yes! We lean on passionate volunteers to borrow their time and skills to build this organisation. Please visit our Volunteers page to find out how you can contribute to our mission.

Why do you not operate in Singapore?

Our mission is to lift the bottom of the pyramid out of extreme poverty. While we would eventually love to partner with local nonprofits to run programs in Singapore to serve the underprivileged, we currently focus on efforts and resources in undeserved communities because it’s more frequently the case that a relatively small amount of money can make a life-changing, long-term impact.

Is BBB religiously affiliated?

No, we are an agnostic organisation. However, we do not restrict working with any faith-based organisations as long as the ultimate common objectives serves the undeserved. 

Where are you based?

We are based in Singapore, and our lean founding team currently works off in hippie cafes, libraries and pretty much any where with cheap coffee and strong wifi. If you are willing to donate a space for two, please get in touch with us at randall@booksbeyondborders.org. We’d love to chat!


We are always seeking brand partnerships & local field partners.

What are local field partners?

Field partners are on-the-ground local organizations that implements our programs, directly serving, monitoring and evaluating the impact. In order for us to form a partnership, they must maintain the highest of ethical standards and fit the following criteria:

  1. Must be a registered legal and licensed entity in it’s country of operation.
  2. Must have a history (at least 5 years) of implementing effective programs around education, with strong local government and community partnerships. 
  3. Must have a strong positive reputation within local and national community. 
  4. Must agree to allow BBB to perform due diligence, initial and on-going, to ensure compliance with specified financial, legal and ethical regulations.
  5. Must have a successful working relationship with at least one international based non-profit organisation. 

How can we establish a brand partnership?

We work closely with brand partners that believes in a profitable-purpose model to develop mutually-beneficial fundraising campaigns, co-branded merchandise, media and create new experiences for both their employees and customers. In turn, they invest a percentage of their sales to fund our operational expenses. Reach out to us at randall@booksbeyondborders to see how we can drive impact together on the world while pursuing profits.


Is my donation tax deductible?

No. Our entity do not have an IPC status, and are not governed by the Charities Act and regulations. This is because all fundraising activities for foreign charitable purposes will not be entitled to any tax benefits, thus IPC will not be applicable in our case. However we abide to all regulations, accounting and submission standards of a Charity in Singapore.

How do I make a donation?

There’s a number of ways to contribute to our mission! Here are a few ways we recommend:

  1. Set a goal, and launch a personal fundraising campaign. We provide a free way to do just that in >5 mins. Start here.
  2. Make a one-time or recurring donation here.
  3. Direct bank transfer (to reduce platform processing fees):

    Bank: OCBC Business Bank
    Account: 712896083001
    UEN PayNow: 201825763C

Why do I donate through Give.asia?

Thanks to our partnership with give.asia, we are able set-up a free nonprofit page with the necessary features to collect donations and track our donors, all with the lowest platform fees by tapping on Stripe’s partnership with give.asia. 

Can I donate monthly?

Absolutely. Our current donation page at give.asia allows you to contribute monthly without any hassle. Your monthly contribution will allow us to make critical plans of our programs in advance, as we always put 100% to the field and reaching more communities in need.

Tell me about the 100% giving model.

Apart from credit card and bank processing fees, we put 100% of every crowdfunded donation to the field directly to maximise your dollar to impact. Our operating expenses are covered separately, on a separate bank account. We’ve never touched any donation money for operational costs.

How do I know my money will go to fund the beneficiaries?

Being completely transparent about where your donation goes is one of our most important values. We ensure 1oo% transparency in a number of different ways:

  1. Publication of all financial transactions: we post all of our financials on our Transparency Dashboard, including of funds transfers to every field partners we work with.
  2. We provide photos and videos updates as proof for every program funded.
  3. Partnering with the best: We work only with the most well-respected nonprofits in the local country with a long track record of accountability.

How do the donation logistics work?

Our field partner identifies a school or beneficiary that requires support in line with our focus programs, and submits a proposal to us. If the proposal meets our criteria, we accept it and grant our field partners to cover all expenses associated with the program – this includes administrative, monitoring and evaluation costs from the field partners. Once we receive updates, we send it to the donors who supported the program. 

What is the best way to make a donation?

Although all our options are carefully vetted to ensure the lowest platform processing fees, the best way is still to make a PayNow / direct bank transfer to our programs account. There are no fees associated with direct bank transfers. You can direct the donation to:

Bank: OCBC Business Bank
Account: 712896083001
UEN PayNow: 201825763C

What else will be helpful apart from donating money?

We are constantly looking for in-kind donations, and that can be in the form of sponsoring our web hosting servers, providing your accounting expertise or providing a space for us (two of us!) to work in your office. This will help us reduce monthly operating expenses so we can always maximise donations to create bigger impact in all our programs.

How can I create a personal fundraising campaign?

Choose a theme; dedicate your birthday, run a marathon, bake cookies to help drive our mission forward! We made it easy for you to launch a personal fundraising campaign page. You don’t even need to handle the funds; all donations will be directed into our programs account so you can focus on fundraising and have fun while doing it. See some of our past campaign heroes here.

Start a personal campaign today.