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"It all began as a personal challenge in 2015.

To do one thing that scares me the most that year.

I decided the best way to overcome my anxiety of being alone is to spend 14 days backpacking through Nepal, to the foot of Mt. Everest."

On the trek I noticed children and youth of such tender age were not in school — most already engaging in backbreaking work for only a few rupees a day. 

Then a local invited me to a village that was the epicentre of the devastating 2015 earthquake. I couldn’t believe families were still struggling to rebuild homes; young adults roamed the streets without work; kids would walk hours to school empty handed, to face a classroom with blank walls, untrained teachers and devoid of anything to read.

Bryan — an old friend — and I got together one day and started talking about the world beyond our borders; the stories and crises that remain mostly out of headlines and news outlets.

While we saw that there are a number of problems that needs to be addressed in developing nations today; clean water, gender discrimination, early marriages..education impacts those numbers.

So we packed our bags, made a career suicide, left our jobs and set out on a simple mission — to promote reading around the world, with a focus in developing nations. We believe that once people have the ability to read; the ability to seek out information they want, they can form opinions and make informed decisions. They can read medicine labels, manage bank accounts, understand basic rights and participate in local elections — opening the door to new possibilities.

Change, we believe starts from there.

We’ll continue to work tirelessly on our mission to promote reading around the world, until every one can be a reader. 


Our motto:
‘What’s the worst that can happen?’

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"Nerd alert."
Co founder
"Food is life."
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