Our Story

It began as a personal challenge in 2015 in pursuit of a better life.

To do one thing that scares me the most that year.

I decided the best way to overcome my anxiety is to spend 2 weeks alone backpacking through Nepal, to the foot of Mt. Everest.

On the trek I met young men and women, barely reaching adulthood – engaging in backbreaking labour work for only a few rupees a day. Then a local invited me to a village that was the epicentre of the devastating 2015 earthquake. I couldn’t believe families were still struggling to rebuild homes; young adults roamed the streets without jobs; kids would walk hours to school empty handed, to face a classroom with blank walls and barely anything to read. 

While the crises were so huge that it seemed crazy at first to try and solve it all — education, housing, healthcare, sanitation, discrimination — it was clear that until people have access to quality education and a sustainable living wage  can they lift themselves up from the poverty line.

So Bryan and I — a long time friend got together and started asking ourselves what could we do if we were not afraid. After a few pints of Kronenbourg one evening, we made a career-suicide and left our jobs to pursue a simple mission to help make lives a little better for others, one that we’ve always been deeply passionate about.

Our plan will focus on creating new opportunities for people who otherwise would not have, to move out of poverty through education and employment. We believe it is the catalyst for sustainable economic development, and a first step to a world where everyone can live their full potential.

If there was one thing that scares us back then, it’d be leaving our jobs to launch this project. Today, we continue to build this organisation with the fundamental believe that if we all have the courage to do things that scares us, we can change lives. We can help make lives better for others and in doing so, for ourselves, too.


Our motto:
‘What’s the worst that can happen?’

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