The first step to literacy

Being in school is not the same as learning. Worldwide, millions of school-going children particularly in remote regions are still unable to achieve the most basic literacy skill like reading in their own mother tongue.

The result: an increasing rate of children reaching young adulthood without basic skills like calculating correct change from a transaction, reading medicine labels or understanding employment contracts — let alone building a fulfilling career or educating their children.

Our approach

1. Provide access to reading materials to underfunded schools

Our local field partners first identify schools through a needs-based assessment, and or receive a written proposal for the headmaster requesting for support. The school must show an already effective and/or committed process in place to best utilise the reading materials in order for a grant approval.

At times, this can be in a form of an already well established school library that requires more books, or a request to set-up classroom libraries in an effort to promote a stronger reading culture in school. Our goal is to ensure teachers have access to quality reading materials and support their effort in using them effectively.

2. Sponsor at-risk students with basic schooling materials

In many cases, students are forced to dropped out of school early due to the inability to purchase basic schooling needs — which often cost less than $30 a year. Although out of our focus, we do provide a case-by-case support to prevent drop-outs, and help equal the learning playing field for all students.

We know literacy is the first step out of poverty.

Over the last decade, data has shown literacy as one of the most powerful tool lifting communities out of rural poverty. Together with you, our implementing field partners and passionate school teachers, we can be part of solving a problem larger than ourselves.

We put 100% of donations to the field, always.

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